Visiting Mother Teressa’s abode

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With a weak health and huge optimism, I visited Kolkata a couple of months ago. Body could not support me to visit anywhere except the hospital. But mind pushed me and whispered into my ears: “You have come to the land where Mother Teresa sacrificed her whole life for serving the humankind and the place where she was buried, The Mother House – 54A, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700014, India. I told my aunt, "Let’s visit Her". We started searching. My legs could not support me to go but mind was confirmed. When I was teenage I bought a picture of Her from the Tejgon Church in exchange of 80 taka, the mere savings from my pocket money. Now I have the chance to visit her grave, but still am too unfortunate I could not meet Her alive.

The first entrance signboard I saw inscribed her quotation “If you judge people, you have no time to love them”. A life changing statement! All my physical pain was gone away. We entered the place where Mother’s tomb is standing as witness of the time. Prayer was going on. Many people gathered there. There is a museum inside the Mother’s House. The museum displays Mothers’ cloths, her inspiring letters, her wheelchair, stick, table and chair. Each piece of goods used by her was displayed in the showcases. I snapped the entire picture but it is forbidden to use camera inside the museum. Without noticing the instruction, I did the mistake and I am deeply sorry for that. The pictures are still in my heart and it is imprinted in my brain forever.

We went upstairs where she used to live. A small room with a simple bed, a table and a bench, so simple but with full of spiritual energy. When I was returning, a nun or Sister asked me, “how was your visit?”

I replied “I have come from another country with a bad health and with a great hope that everything will be alright. Now I only pray to God so that he gives me the strength to love people with all my compassion as the Mother could do.”

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